When planning a trip to Manali, a day off to the visit a point of Rohtang Pass is the ultimate and almost essential attraction of the itinerary. Rohtang Pass located at a distance of just 51 kilometres from the main town.

The best time to visit Pass is from the second week of September to the second week of October. During this time, the pass opens just after monsoons and before it closes for winters. Rohtang pass is recommended to plan your trip during this time. Summer months, that is May to June, see a lot of tourists in this region. As a result, it gets quite difficult to get a permit to cross the pass. Additionally, there are long traffic jams in Manali, Rohtang, and Gulaba. Pass is a favourite among the community of film directors.

For people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and curl up with a cup of tea in the middle of unparalleled natural splendor, Rohtang La offers one of the best options. As your car climbs up the road, the weather will get colder and you won’t be able to help but admire the chilling and dramatic beauty of this place. Clear blue skies, fluffy snow-covered mountain peaks, and sprawling landscapes – who can resist such natural wonders?